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We provide expert technical skills and superior database consulting services that are best suited to our clients' needs.

Our services include:

Database programming
We are expert FileMaker Pro and OpenBase SQL database engineers and can create a custom solution that is perfect for your organization.

Data-driven websites
We can build your data-driven web sites from the ground-up using PHP, or add transactional database functionality to your existing web sites.

Database migrations
We can help you migrate your older FileMaker Pro, MS Access, or other database solution to the new, feature-laden FileMaker Pro 9 or to OpenBase SQL , and help you avoid potential pitfalls so you can enjoy a smooth transition.

eCommerce, warehouse, and
distribution systems
We can create fully functional custom systems that allow your company to sell products online, send the orders to your warehouse, manage your inventory, and ship the completed orders. All in real time!

Other Consulting Services
We can analyze your data needs and help you design a solution that is right for you and your organization. We also provide maintenance, support, enhancement, and troubleshooting of existing database systems.


Nifty Technologies